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Continuations, Contingencies and other Matters

Posted on Wed Mar 25th, 2015 @ 11:19am by Lieutenant Commander Ewo'tOst Menkova

Mission: Paradise Lost
Location: Planetary Operations, SB80


Striding purposefully into a room that was becoming like a second home, Ewo'tOst Menkova glanced at the assembled staff of section heads and team leaders, some she knew well others she was getting reacquainted with still others she was still learning. But Taronok IV loomed large on most people's minds and that was the main reason for the gathering today, "Chief Anak, PO Shrra, nice of you to join us." She commented as a Rigelian and Andorian hurried in behind her, shaking her head, before returning to topic. "Okay I say Taronok IV, you go war or disaster zone, yes." She started off, satisfied with the murmurs of agreement. "So advanced force is dug in, main force is deploying shortly, which leaves us we've got support, clean up and, rebuild or get the rebuild structure in place anyways." Moving to a console she keyed in a sequence , which activated a holo projector, which displayed and image in the center of the assembled personnel, an image of the main settlement and the devastation that had been afflicted on it. "This is what we're dealing with, bear in mind this is a day old, we're reliant on warp courier at the moment something we could probably workout with CoE at some point. I want you thoughts and ideas."

At which point she stepped back and lapsed into silence giving them time to gather and form ideas. "There are reports of contamination from the site, we should be prioritising the removal and disposal of any contaminated material." A junior lieutenant stated confidently. "What do you propose?" Vonny asked in return. "I propose having a specific reclamator set up close to the site as posable, but away from any major population area and it should be away from any other reclamation or replication units or set ups."

Ewo'tOst nodded at the thought that had gone into her comments. "Okay so where should this be sited, that's an open question." A number of suggestions followed with the group eventually settling in a site north of the main metropolitan area with good mountain cover on two sides, access that could be controlled but not to restrictive, and ability to land craft close by.

"What about the essentials for these people, food, shelter, health care. Does our scope cover that? If not it probably should I believe?" A fresh faced but highly recommended ensign stated firmly. "It all depends on the given situation, here, more than likely. I'm looking at us providing mid-term support, providing the framework and the tools for the people to get back on there feet. That actually leads us into the next point of standard replication and reclamation units, how many and where do we put them?"
The best part of the next half hour were fulled with the ebb and flow of suggestions and tryout and alternatives, Vonny sought to chair the exchange, walking that difficult line between encourage ideas and ensuring they knew who was in charge. She was also thrilled and fascinated by the cutting edge technology aboard the starbase, testing and probing and trying to maximise it's use. Eventually they had a firm plan of action for there continued presence on Taranok, with clean up at the top of the action plan. She then turned her attention further afield, in an effort to get a head of the situation, layed down an additional proposal. "While these are a priority, we need to look at how this affects the sector and prepare other world's that maybe in striking distance. I intend to be deploying teams to Muria, Lieutenant Hean you be heading up that, Koinatt will be covered by Chief Anak , and Ensign Madrelir takes Neraa, your role will be to assess their detection and response capabilities to an event like that on Taronok. This will be strictly hands off, observe, document, analyse, report back. You'll have a four man team which you are free to select from the current departmental staff, submit them to me ASAP, also this needs to signed off so, until then continue with your regular assignments and tasks. Any last questions?" She paused and looked around the room, dragging out the pause just to completely sure. "Let's get to work. I'll put our proposals to the command staff."


Lieutenant Commander Ewo'tOst Menkova
Planetary Operations Officer
Starbase 80


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