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Flight Home

Posted on Wed Apr 15th, 2015 @ 2:49pm by Lieutenant Commander Ethan Mackenzie

Mission: Paradise Lost

“Computer, initiate the pre-flight sequence…”

Ethan commanded as he stepped inside one of the shuttles. He stopped at a panel on the wall near the rear hatch as the computer acknowledged his command. The gentle hum of the engine could be heard as the computer began executing his command. The consoles at the front of the shuttle lit up as well as the computer began running through the pre-flight checks.

Ethan entered a series of commands into the panel on the wall. The reach hatch began to slowly shut as he stepped away from the panel and made his way to the front of the shuttle. He took a seat in front of the main console placing the PADD that was given to him by Kathleen on the console in front of him.

His mind was racing million miles a second. There were so many questions that popped up in his mind that he couldn’t even keep them straight. He wanted to understand what was happening.. He wanted to understand why was this happening...He wanted to know if his family was okay…

He looked down to the PADD in front of him. He started at it for what seemed an eternity but in reality it was only a few seconds. He pushed all the thoughts aside. There would be time for self pity later, he joked with himself before moving the PADD to the side.

Computer has given him the green light that they were ready for take off. He looked up from the console and to the outside then without even looking down to the console his fingers gently moved across the panel as he entered a series of commands.

The shuttle quickly responded. It began to lift off the ground vertically. It rose at a gentle pace. It continued to rise up for about 30 meters then when it reached it desired height it hovered. He finally looked down at the console entering another series of commands. The shuttle responded and began moving forward at an increasing speed. After about 500 meters of flying straight it began to rise at an angle towards the clouds. It matter of seconds it had reached the clouds. It pierced right through them as it pushed up towards the atmosphere.

Ethan leaned back in the seat. Enjoying his flight back to the shuttle. Ever so often he’d adjust the flight path of the shuttle but other then that it was an easy flight back.

A little while later…

“Starbase 80 - this is Commander Mackenzie.”

“Commander Mackenzie - this is Starbase 80.”

“Starbase 80, I am making my final approach towards the Starbase 80.”

“Copy that sir - the path is clear for entry into spacedock.”

“Roger that.”

Ethan caught glimpse of the PADD resting on the console next to him. A grin appeared on his face as the shuttle entered the spacedock. There was a lot of work that he needed to get done and quickly. And he had an idea of how to accomplish it. He was suddenly very excited and any doubts that he had previously had vanished. It was time to get to work.

Lt. Commander Ethan Mackenzie
Chief Operations Officer
Starbase 80


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