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TheFlies through water

Posted on Sun Apr 5th, 2015 @ 6:30pm by Lieutenant Carl Baumann

Mission: Paradise Lost
Location: 4300 feet



The Star Fish did not seem to react well to water spouts, the Polorized shielding was helping cause less damage to the outer hull, the control surfaces tried to gain some resemblance of grabbing hold. Still the control yokes fought him as Baumann began to think his idea to get a closer look might not have been the best of ideas?

Angling into the swirling current might gain him a better chance to man-handle’ the Star Fish through this, the Depth Gauge showed he was ascending at least rather than being drawn in. He had to get the Sumbmersable to the edge of the center, the Center might have less turbulence but only ‘one’ exit to be had. “The Engines were straining a bit and closing in on the ‘red line’ of the turbines.

[DSV Beagle]

Leigh stood by the sensory console watching the fight between the Skipper and the water spout. The severe currents were tossing the Star Fish around like a toy; where could he angle it to get out? She noticed the ascent of the craft and the hard currents were like a wall for a tractor beam or even an old fashion set of cables to grab it.

“Counter clockwise rotation along the axis.” Simms reported from the console. “The Skipper is advancing towards the upper levels and the pull is weaker.”

“Can you get a lock on him?” She turned to the Radio Shack. “Has anyone thought to try and get a hold of the Skipper?” She called out.

“yes ma’am but no response, I am guessing he might be a little busy at the moment.” Sparks said from the Communications Shack.

“OPS get a transporter Lock, he things look…” Leigh began.

“His Engines are fighting the currents and and getting nearer the over load.” Simms noted. “He is funning at flank right now and making little headway.”

“Does he had positive control to any degree?” Leigh asked.

“Orders Ma’am?” OPS asked.

“Can it for now, give me a second, get a lock and hold it!” She snapped as she kept looking at the console. “He is trying to maneuver or just along for the ride?”

“He is moving against the natural flow to a degree.” Simms added. “He is trying to keep from impacting and doing a fairly good job of it.”

“Stand By with Transporter Lock.” Leigh ordered.

[Star Fish]

“Lateral controls are not helping much and the currents are out of the question.” Baumann made his decision. “Now if we have the power to do it?” He angled the Star Fish in a direction and pressed the throttles to the Full Flank Speed. “Hold together baby.” The indicators were still in the green; he could hear the muted impacts of the rocks on the shielding. "The controls fought him a bit as he sloped his course towards the inner edge.

The Engines were at maximum as his course started to drift; he pushed the engines a bit harder, the turbines of the impellars would hold, they had to hold for him as he bit into more power than was supposed to be possible; well safely possible, and he had no way to know if the Star Fish would be able to take the punishment? He cut the exterior lights and the internals as well. Taking his hands off the Controls to focus only the front sensors gave more power for the core and especially the cooling systems. The Star Fish shuttered a bit under the strain but once he had taken the Control yokes again he was able to get better course corrections; at one hundred eight percent on the turbines he was making headway towards the center. The Star Fish bucked and tried to break loose with the swirling currents, the pitting of the shielding kept the damage from the hull but ate into the energy reserves.

Not a whole lot left toplay with as he edged another two percent out of the turbines and past the red lines his engines were not going to maintain this for a long time but Baumann managed to get the Star Fish to the center of the spout…

[DSV Beagle]

The spout was weakening at the top, the currents not able to hold the intensity of the source, Leigh had moved to the Nose Observation; keyed the magnification to the top where the Star Fish appeared to be heading. She held her breath as the Star Fish came out of the spout like a bullet fired from a percussion weapon. With a counter clockwise rotation on the axis matching the rotation of the spout ‘that Crazy Son of a…” Leigh just shook her head.

The Star Fish slowed the axial rotations to level out about a click above the Beagle, Boumann brought the engine back to low idle while arcing downward towards the Beagle. The spout dissipated once the Star Fish was clear.

“You are crazy Skipper.” Leigh scolded.

=^= That spout was something unexpected. =^= Baumann relayed. =^= That is NOT a natural occurrence; it started with my approach and ended once I was clear. =^= He swung the small submersible about. “Maybe a small probe might be able to get closer to the source, the Star Fish is a large target? =^=

"What if we get another spout?" Leigh asked. 'WHat say you return and then we see about getting another try at that spout, just in the event that we are in some kind of expanding water swirl I suggest we get a rally good distance away before we try anything?"

=^= The Star Fish could use the rest. =^=ba umann said as he started around on the approach. =^= Have the Bow ready to receive us. =^= He instructed.

The Star Fish angled around to be parrallel with the Beagle's nose area, the shutters parted as tractor Beams took hold and drew the craft back into the the holding bay of the Beagle and the shutters closed before equalizing pressures.

The hatch opened and Baumann came out removing his Flight Jacket. "Prepare the Probe and take us back another ten thousand yards to be sure.

The crew began to make preparations.


Lt. Carl Baumann
Skipper DSV Beagle


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