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All change

Posted on Sun Mar 15th, 2015 @ 12:53am by Commodore Darok D'Tal & Lieutenant JG Lilly-Ann Morgan & Civilian (Normal) Jasmine Morgan

Mission: The United Divided
Location: USS Seraphina - Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 1 - Morning

Lilly had come aboard, and had been shown her quarters. Her bags were stowed, and she arrived at the Captain's ready room. As she fixed her uniform, and got ready to ring the chime, she saw another woman in Academy tee and sweats walking towards her She turned in the woman's direction. It was Jasmine she had caught an earlier transport than expected

Lilly hugged her so tightly. Thought you were going to be late?

The two of them exchanged greetings, and a bit of chit chat, before they rang the chime.

Darok had been sitting in his ready room catching up on some of the various changes, and additions to the ship since he'd last commanded her. He found himself amazed at what he saw in the saucer section alone.

His thoughts were interrupted as the door chime rang. He blanked the screen, and looked at the door. "Come!"

The girls walked in together, and Lilly saluted smartly. Jasmine was unsure but saluted anyway " Lilly-ann Morgan your new CMO reporting."

Darok raised an eyebrow at the two women looking at him. He recognized Lilly from Amanda's trial, and the younger woman he recognized when going through the manifest, but hadn't expected her to be reporting in with her mother. "Welcome aboard." He finally said.

"Thank you Sir anything I need to know?"

"Stay out of areas you're not cleared to be in, unless you're there for a medical emergency." Darok said simply. "Anything you may see in any of these areas is never to be spoken of."

"Yes Sir, not a problem, This is my teenage daughter Jasmine-May She just graduated senior school, and has gained acceptance into the academy, and wishes to work in science. Would it be possible for her to join me here, and study on ship? I do not have any other family for her to stay with."

"She can do that." Darok replied. "She too will have to stay out of restricted areas. We don't have a place for her to serve on duty, but she is welcome to be here."

"Thank you."

"One more thing." Darok said, looking at Lilly-Ann. "The Seraphina is en route to Vulcan to search for Captain Williams. Unless you're needed for medical duties, you may spend time on the planet."

"I will Sir. I plan to have some down time with my Jasmine, and I would also like to hold a dinner, if I may, in one of the mess halls for anyone who wishes to attend. The reason is two fold. Firstly to meet people, and second to celebrate my daughters 19th birthday."

"The Hideaway would probably be best, since it's one of the few that are actually public on this ship." Darok informed her. "You can set it up with the manager there."

"Thank you" Lilly said with a smile.

"You're welcome." Darok said simply. "Normally, the CMO would perform your medical check in, but you're the new CMO, if you wish, I can handle your medical check in."

"That would be fine,

Darok stood from his desk, removing the tricorder from his belt. He opened it up, and removed the wand to begin scanning his new Chief Medical Officer.

Lilly stood quietly but made faces at Jasmine to try and make her giggle. So typical of the two of them.

"I see you're recovering from some recent injuries." Darok said simply, as he moved to scan Jasmine. "I don't see anything that would prevent you from being on duty though."

"Ah yes that, My last posting had a bit of a training exercise accident and a large chunk of interior hull plating collapsed in and trapped me, it also took of a sizeable bit of my pinky finger."

"You will probably be fully healed in a few days." Darok explained, closing the Tricorder as he finished scanning Jasmine. "If your services are needed before then, I'll have to restrict you to light duty."

She smiled "Oh no let me see" she joked "I'm sure I could cope with that"

Darok gave her a smirk. "It's good to have you aboard, Doctor." he said as he sat back down. "If you ladies will excuse me, I have a bit of reading to do. You're dismissed."

"Thank you Sir " They both replied as they turned to leave.

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