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Just grabbing some thing

Posted on Tue Mar 10th, 2015 @ 7:51am by Commodore Darok D'Tal & Commander Savin

Mission: The United Divided
Location: SB 001/Earth - Kansas
Timeline: Mission Day 1 - Early Morning (During "Getting Ready")

Darok, and Savin had left the court room in a bit of a hurry. Though Darok hadn't told the counselor where they were going, he knew this would give them a few minutes of time alone to talk, as well as giving him the opportunity to grab some things from his home on Earth, before leaving.

As they entered the transporter room, Darok gave coordinates to the transporter operator, before stepping up on the transporter pad, and looking at Savin. "Are you coming, Counselor?" He asked, signing as he did so.

Savin nodded, though he was still wondering where exactly the older Vulcan was taking him. as he'd not received an answer before, he wasn't going to repeat himself to ask a second time.

As Savin stepped up onto the transporter pad next to him, Darok nodded at the transporter operator. "Energize."

Moments later, the transporter room was replaced by a gravel driveway, which led only a short distance to a single story house. Off in the distance, a few houses could be seen in various directions, but the area was private for the most part.

"Welcome to my humble abode." Darok signed, looking at Savin. "I left something here for safe keeping the last time I was here, and I need your help to retrieve it."

"What are we here to retrieve?" Savin asked bluntly, not really in a mood for smaltalk. "Where are we?"

"This is where I live." Darok said as they approached the door. "We are here to retrieve something that belongs to you..." Though Savin couldn't hear it Darok's voice trailed off as he noticed that his front door was slightly open. He pulled his gun, standing next to the door, and gesturing to Savin as he signed to him in silence. "Someone's been in my house. I hope you're skilled with a phaser." He signed, glancing at the phaser sitting on Savin's belt. "Set it to heavy stun."

I am proficient enough. Savin signed back, for once able to show what advantages a proficiency at sign language actually held in certain circumstances. As he finished signing, he pulled his phaser and toggled the setting to heavy stun. Ready. He quickly signed, his features immediately straightened from the prior annoyed and somewhat agitated expression to a more neutral and concentrated one. Do you sense anyone? He asked, referring to the older Vulcan's superior telepathic sense.

I am a touch telepath Darok answered with one hand, as he quietly pushed the door further open. Shoot on sight. Ask questions later. Knowing that Savin understood the order, Darok raised his gun, stepping through the door, and into the main living area, only to find that his home has been turned upside down in a frantic search. "Just what I need..." Darok muttered under his breath.

Savin nodded and followed suit. As Darok was in front of him, he never saw the older Vulcan speak but he did see the chaos and he arched an eyebrow. "Someone was desperate to find something specific," he commented as he gestured at the mess. "But what?"

"The same thing we're here for." Darok signed after putting his gun back in it's holster.. "Only they never found it, because they'd need you and I in order to retrieve it... I'm going to activate the computer. I want you to take five steps to your left, then place your hand on the DNA scanner when it's compartment opens in the wall." Darok waited to see if Savin would understand.

Savin did as he was told and waited. What if they realized, and we just walked into a trap? he asked as he watched Darok work.

Darok moved to a spot across the room where a terminal sat. He began tapping on it to enter commands, looking over at Savin to speak directly. "Though my father has been arrested, that is still a possibility." he said simply. "What I have hidden here, while belonging to you, is also the key to preventing him from regaining his freedom... They were looking for evidence." Darok finished the final commands, and every light, and terminal lit up. The wall also opened up in two places, each of them sporting hand scanners for DNA recognition. Darok placed his hand on one nearby where he stood, as the other opened near Savin.

Savin copied the gesture and pressed his hand firmly against the scanner.

As Savin placed his hand on the DNA scanner, one of the lights in the room began to shift colors randomly, before settling on a light blue color. Words were printed on a screen near Savin, as well as spoken by the computer. "DNA authentication successful." it said. "Unlock for Darok D'Tal, and Savin is in progress"

"Unlock for what?" Savin asked as he read the words. "And why is my DNA authentication here on file?"

A moment later, a hidden compartment in a seemingly blank wall slid downward to reveal a single, long handled Katana. "Next time we go to Vulcan, you and I have another stop to make." Darok signed absently, as he approached the sword. "A stop that may help you to better understand why I did what I did to you."

Savin watched the sword, unable to tear his eyes away from it. He knew this weapon well, but why was it in a safe, in Darok's residence? Slowly, he shifted his gaze up at the other Vulcan and waited.

Knowing where the sword came from, and Savin's recall of his previous memories, Darok anticipated the unasked question. "Your father gave me this sword on the day I changed your memories as a replacement of the one I used against that woman." The older Vulcan said, as he strapped the sheathed sword to his hip. "It was his own suggestion, which was the correct one, since the one I used that day was different than any of the ones he had."

"Why would he do that?" the younger man asked, his voice tight. "What happened to the one you carried?"

"I told him what memories I intended to plant in both of your minds." Darok explained. "He willingly traded this sword for my own in order to ensure that both the memories, and the evidence all added up properly." He turned to leave, deciding that he would deal with this mess the next time he returned to Earth, gesturing for Savin to follow him out of the house.

"So, my father now has one that does not belong to him," Savin questioned as he followed, taking one last glance at the chaos in what he assumed had been a pristine room before it was mugged. "Are on intending on trading it back?"

They moved to where they had originally beamed in, before Darok finally turned to look at Savin. "Eventually." He finally said in reply. "Although... I never imagined you would find out before he did." He stood looking at Savin as if studying the young Vulcan. "Are you ready to find your Captain?"

"Who says he does not already know," Savin countered, though he nodded once. "Yes, I am ready." Anger resurfaced on his expression. "If they hurt her...." He didn't finish his sentence, though he wondered what Monica would think of this. She was his wife, and he cared for her, but his feelings for Amanda could never be denied.

"You had to touch me to get your memories back." Darok said simply, before tapping his COMM badge. =A= "Commodore D'Tal to Seraphina. Two to beam up from my current location." =A=

^=^ Seraphina here, Commodore, ^=^ Jan replied, ^=^two to beam up.^=^

He had to touch him. Savin gritted his teeth, biting back an angry retort. Instead, he simply glared at the man, waiting for the uncomfortable sensation of dematerializing. He didn't like transporters, they made him feel disoriented.

A moment later, the two of them dematerialized in a haze of blue.

As the two of them materialized in the transporter room of the Seraphina, Darok nodded to the transporter operator as he stepped off the platform, then turned to face Savin. "Let's get to the Bridge." He said simply. "We have to find your Captain."

Savin merely nodded; there wasn't much he could say to that which wouldn't come out sounding at least a little irritated.

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