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Log 446.71

Posted on Mon Apr 14th, 2014 @ 8:29am by

Megan sat on the floor Computer take log

I cant help having such mixed feeling and emotions right now so much has happened on ship in rank and out of it.

everyone seems so tense with where we are and whats been happening on ship with drills and high alerts

all of us seem to be walking and emotional tight rope.

Athrun is so busy I hardly see him but I know we are strong and can weather this storm.

I like it here i have good friends but I cant wait to start my new life on Betazed.

I am still hurting from the disappointment of thinking i may be carrying his child when i was only stressed. I should have know that after just a few days together I was over thinking things

I am eager to be married and begin a family but I know it has to wait

I just hope and pray we make it safe back to our own world and that we all make it back together.

end log


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