The United Divided

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A grim looking court martial hearing, requested by Amanda Williams against herself, marks the beginning of an epic conflict that ultimately puts both Captains, and the Seraphina's crew in the middle of a civil war that spans across the entire United Federation of Planets. Which side will they choose?

Tales from the Gamma Quadrant

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This is a special sidebar that will stay active on the Seraphina throughout all missions. Players are free to use either established NPCs, or make new ones up and write small posts and/or stories with them. This allows folks to use their creativity and imagination to the fullest. No OOC, or Primary mission posts are allowed here, but as always JPs are welcome. The character possibilities are endless, from a cook in the ship's galley to an Orion Pirate leader working a black market merchant. All posts must be in the Gamma Quadrant.

The V Disease

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Now aboard the ship as a civilian doctor, the crew of the Seraphina is ordered to allow Amanda Williams to lead a mission to provide medical relief to Mobus Colony, located on the outskirts of Federation territory.

When they arrive, they find all of the colonists massacred. As they're searching the colony, they find a member of Starfleet among the bodies. Deciding to bring the body aboard for an autopsy, Amanda learns the hard way that they're not exactly dead, but is actually the victim of a vicious virus. Will the crew of the Seraphina be able to find a cure, or will they be wiped out, just like the colonists?

A Fixer-upper!

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After nearly being destroyed by Romulans during a top secret experiment, and her previous Commanding Officer transferring off to what he believed was a less dangerous assignment, the USS Seraphina is currently sitting at the Utopia Planetia shipyards undergoing extensive repairs while she awaits her new crew.

Into the Abyss

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The crew of the USS Seraphina receives her first set of orders to make way for the Delta Quadrant via a portal located at Starbase 10, and report in to the fleet on the other side.

Assimilate this!

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Fresh from the Alpha Quadrant, the USS Seraphina is given orders to discreetly locate the USS Aries, a Nebula Class ship. When they find it, the ship is partially assimilated... Will the crew of the USS Seraphina be able to save the ship, and rescue the survivors?

Beat them back

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After dealing with the threat of the assimilated USS Aries, the Seraphina reverses course to head back to Starbase Frontier, but they don't get very far before discovering that the Borg are aboard, and starting to assimilate the ship. Will the crew of the USS Seraphina be able to stop the Borg before they assimilate the ship, and gain access to classified access codes which would allow them unimpeded access to Earth?


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For three years, Epsilon Force have been exploring the Delta Quadrant and making allies without very much resistance or encountering many powerful enemies. Until today.

For three years the Borg have been watching and waiting for the right moment. The USS Seraphina a highly classified Starfleet Intelligence vessel encounters the Borg and ultimately defeats their boarding parties. However the Borg have now discovered that Starfleet has found a way into the Delta Quadrant and out of the Alpha Quadrant.

Therefore the Borg gathers their resources and builds the one vessel that has never been encountered by Starfleet or any Alpha Quadrant species, a Tactical Fusion Cube. This mega cube is made out of Eight Borg Tactical Cubes joined together to make one super dreadnought vessel. The Borg's Mission: to force their way through the wormhole back to the Alpha Quadrant and assimilate the Federation once and for all.

One by one, outposts on the Epsilon Force border go quiet. Ships that are sent to investigate also fall silent. Soon one ship manages to get a message back, The Borg are coming and this time they are not stopping. Admiral Koolah orders all Epsilon Force vessels to Red Alert and to report any Borg activity. Commodore Katie Williams assembles Task Force 77 the main fleet of Epsilon Force to prevent the Borg from getting to the wormhole. What happens when the fleet engages the Fusion Cube? Will they succeed at destroying it, or will the Alpha Quadrant be assimilated? The final line will be drawn at Starbase Frontier, if the Borg pass the Federation falls and so will the rest of the Alpha Quadrant...

Multiversal minds

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A man who created technology allowing ease of travel between multiple universes is on the run from Starfleet. Not knowing how else to get away, he stole the technology that he created from the hands of Starfleet, and used it to run into another universe. Using partially incomplete plans that Starfleet Intelligence stole from the man, can the USS Seraphina recreate the device, and catch him before he gives the technology to the wrong person?

Property of the Terran Empire

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After dealing with the threat of the Multiverse device, the crew of the USS Seraphina finds that their trip into the Universe of the Terran Empire was a one-way trip. Now on the run from the Terran Empire, can they stay alive long enough to find a way back home?

Welcome to the Gamma Quadrant

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Upon returning to their normal universe, the crew of the USS Seraphina find that they are in the Gamma Quadrant, along with... Starbase Pioneer? This strange turn of events easily leads into other things that no one expects.

Unwanted Family Reunion

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The sudden, and unexpected arrival on Starbase Pioneer of a man that Arianna thought dead brings to light a 28 year deep undercover investigation, aimed at uncovering, and removing a source of corruption within the Federation. As time goes on, more is uncovered, but no one could possibly expect the results that they find in the end.