The Sim

Welcome to the USS Seraphina! We are the ones who work behind the scenes to keep the galaxy safe from unknown or classified threats as well as conducting top secret experiments or undercover operations... We are the ones who do not exist!

This simm is based upon the Star Trek universe and has a rating of 18+. Some posts may have objectionable materials unsuitable for persons under the age of 18. Please have a look around. We are always looking for new players. All applicants will be put under consideration!

The USS Seraphina is an intel vessel which has gone through hell and back. She has been beaten down several times, but always manages to get back up on her feet! She is known in the Intel circle as being the type of vessel that always manages to get the job done... of course this is also because of the Commanding Officers that have sat in the big chair.

During the Dominion war, Starfleet upgraded many classes of vessels, including the Galaxy class. It is not known how many vessels were modified with upgraded specifications. The USS Seraphina is one of these uprated vessels, and has also been given some rather unique and highly classified upgrades, making the ship itself top secret! (Deck listing is specific to the USS Seraphina and may change according to changes made in the ship's structure.)

As an added feature for Intelligence purposes, this vessel has been fitted with 2 cloaking devices. (One for each section of the hull) They are located on Decks 13, and 36. The Cloaking device located in the Saucer section is only needed if the vessel is in separation mode, or the other cloaking device fails to function properly. The Saucer section of the hull has also been fitted with a highly classified Quantum Singularity drive which allows the saucer section to travel at warp speeds, if necessary, when it is seperated from the stardrive section. The Seraphina has been outfitted with the necessary tools to restart such an engine, but this procedure requires the gravity well of a real planet to restart it. This engine type is not designed to shutdown. This engine is highly classified as "Top Secret" along with both cloaking devices as they violate the currently active treaties with the Romulan Star Empire.

Due to a classified experiment, the USS Seraphina has also been been given the use of a Danube Class Runabout outfitted with a smaller version of a Quantum Singularity Drive. This device allows the small vessel to travel faster because the mass of the Quantum Singularity Drive is far smaller than that of a standard Federation Warp Drive.