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Lieutenant JG Lilly-Ann Morgan

Name Lilly-Ann Morgan

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 38
Spoken Languages English, klingon, romulan
Permission Level Department Head
Clearance Code Morgan Foxtrot 83

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 5
Hair Color raven black with deep purple highlights
Eye Color dark greenish brown
Physical Description Tall and athletic in build but not to slim. Collar length black hair with deep purple highlights.

several piercings and tattoos but these are not on show on duty however her neck tattoo of her sisters name is sometimes visible over her collar.

Lilly is missing her pinky finger on her left hand.


Children Jasmine-may Morgan 16
Father Carlos Morgan
Mother Ann Matthewsosn
Sister(s) Sasha-May died age 14
Other Family grandfather and grand mother on her fathers side deceased
grandmother on her mothers side deceased
grandfather Oliver Craig Matthews ( mothers side ) Former pastor

Personality & Traits

General Overview Keep her self to her self can be hard to get to know but once she opens up she is a good friend and strong of character.

Likes to study and read always has the latest journals to hand.

Can be addicted to her work
Strengths & Weaknesses Tends to over work her self at times
can be seen as snobbish as she is so quiet and likes to be a lone

her wealth of medical knowledge and keenness to learn
Ambitions to head up a medical department or lecture at the academy
Hobbies & Interests charcoal art
combat sports

Personal History Born in a small settlement in Idaho, her parents had her blessed into the family religion at just 4 weeks old and had her life path already mapped out. She would study at home in her junior years then join the church boarding school the pastoral university and train to teach the ways of their religious life in the local towns.

By the time she was 8 and her little sister 5 Lilly-Ann already hated the strict confines of the religion and the family home. She had joined in sports that were frowned upon and had books from the local library hidden in her room planning how to leave Idaho at the earliest time she possibly could.

The senior school was horrible all long dresses and heavy cardigans with religious ceremonies and set prayers. Lilly-Ann studied hard, not that any of the stuff interested her very much. What did interest her was Star fleet and she learnt all about that from her cousins whose uncle was an admiral and they were all set to attend the academy.

Lilly's sister was killed in a serious accident in the village, Lilly was ever so angry that the doctors did little to help claiming if their God wanted a new helper in heaven they could not stop him taking her

The day after her sixteenth birthday Lilly-Ann packed and ran away to San Francisco to her Aunt Rebecca and from then on studied hard for the academy. If she could pass her basic training she wanted to go into the medical school, she had decided on Medicine they day he sister died.

Lilly and her eldest cousin both passed the entry exam on the same day. Lilly excelled in her classes and made a good selection of friends she also did well in sports and graduated her basic training with an A+ taking her straight into medical school where she graduated 8th in a class in 40 after taking her exams in summer school. she had fallen pregnant and delivered Jasmine-May in her final year at the academy.

Lilly never stopped studying and took exams in as many specialties’ as she could including chemical sciences and neurology.

She worked in SFM to begin with then won a commission to the USS Lancaster for 5 years. A few weeks before she completed the full 5 years they transferred to star base 6 after Jasmine's father walked out on them. Lilly spent most of her career on the base until she was drafted to the USS Seraphina.

Lilly-Ann has applied to have Jasmine transferred to join her but as she is only an academy applicant she does not hold much hope that the Seraphina will accept her. If not she has arranged for a very good friend Admiral Alice Connolly to look after Jasmine


Allergic to retanox
Has had a total of 11 fractures due to child hood combat sports
Suffered a series of unexplained blackouts at age 13
Medical tests have so far failed to find an answer but she has not had any since joining Starfleet. All her medical have been passed with out problem

Service Record Graduated High School with honours in 5 subjects
5 years as a civilian child carer working for star fleet
graduated 3rd top in her class from the academy
black belt kickboxer
trained in several advanced specialitys
medical chemical treatment specialist