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Commodore Darok D'Tal

Name Darok D'Tal

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commodore

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan/Human
Age 133
Spoken Languages Several
Permission Level Command Team
Clearance Code Darok Alpha Tango 731

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 170 lbs.
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Short blonde hair, brown eyes, with a thin scar that starts from the bottom of his right ear, and goes down across his cheek clear down to his chin. This is what happens when you get into a fight with a Nausican 10 years before you're ever supposed to meet them.

Although he takes on the appearance of any other Intelligence officer, don't be fooled. Darok has training in Navigation, and Tactical combat. He also has extensive knowledge of medical practices, and even command experience as a Starship Captain.

Despite his age, Darok can easily pass for the Human equivilant of late 20's or early to mid 30's


Spouse Jasmine Daisuki (Retired Starfleet)
Children Arianna D'Tal
Aidan D'Tal
Father Phorok D'Tal (Arrested)
Mother Mary Smith (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Being half Human, and half Vulcan, Darok has always had that battle going on inside him between logic, and emotion. He is one of very few Vulcans who actually shows a little bit of his emotional side. Although this is the case, his time with Starfleet Intelligence has taken it's toll on him. At times, Darok seems hard, and unyielding, while at others, he seems shy, or reserved.

He doesn't talk much about his past, and absolutely refuses to talk to anyone in the crew about his past in Starfleet mainly due to the classified nature of his career. The only exception would be his Commanding Officer as long as thier security clearance is high enough.

To those who manage to befriend Doctor D'Tal, he can be a warm, and friendly person with as much compassion as any Human. To those who become his enemy, he seems cold, and emotionless.

Darok treats each person he meets with as much respect as he can. Since he is also a doctor, he will treat anyone for any kind of injury, or illness. His bedside manner could use some work though.

As a Commander, Darok tends to be strict at times, and giving at others. The chain of Command, and the Federation's Prime Directive are things that he refuses to falter from.

As an officer, Darok has always been one for following orders to the best of his ability while working to keep others safe. However, when he believes that his superiors are wrong, he will not hesitate to disobey a direct order.
Strengths & Weaknesses Darok's skills in the medical field are comparable to many of Stafleet's top physicians, although his bedside manner could use some work.

At times, if something upsets him, Darok has been known to completely close off, and supress his emotions making him seem like a typical logical Vulcan.

Due to several classified events on board the USS Millennium, Darok has developed some telepathic, and psychic abilities. Darok can read some thoughts, and easily communicate with any telepath. As for the Psychic abilities, Darok has been known, on rare occasions, to suddenly lose complete consciousness without warning. Although he has been examined by Starfleet Medical, no one can figure out how to stop these black outs. Darok D'Tal has provided some type of key information, or warning after each of these black outs that couldn't have been provided any other way. These reports have been confirmed more than once.

Darok's skills in Martial arts, and weapons combat have proved invaluable countless times during his career. It has saved his life, and the lives of crew mates more times than he can recall.
Ambitions One of Darok's highest ambitions has always been to be a Starship Captain. Although he managed to successfully get his command back, a trip into the future showed him a world he did not want to see. Upon his return to his own time, he realized he was not yet ready. He hopes to one day find himself fully prepared to take command again when the time is right.
Hobbies & Interests Martial Arts Sparring
Holodeck Fantasy/History
Star-Gazing in the Forward Lounge
Cards (Poker, Black jack, etc.)
Three-Dimensional Chess (On occasion)

Personal History Phorok D'Tal entered Pon Farr during the beginning stages of his career as a Merchant. He mated with a Human Female who had been a passenger on his ship at the time. They had been seperated for 6 months due to her career as a Starfleet Officer. They ran into each other again on Vulcan, and Phorok discovered that Mary Smith was pregnant with his child. They married one month after that, and two months later, Mary gave birth to Darok.

Two years after Darok's birth, Mary Smith died in the line of duty when her ship was destroyed by Klingons. Darok Spent most of his early life on Vulcan. He learned of his mother from what his father told him. He was taught various Martial Arts forms, including Kung-Fu, Tai-kwan-do, Tai-Chi, Hop-Kido, and various other forms. For a long time, he dreamt of being captain of a Starship in the Mighty Federation, and to this day, he still does.

At age 20, Darok was arrested and taken to a *CLASSIFIED* Starfleet Prison after he was suspected of being an accomplice to theft, and terrorism. Information concerning his arrest and release has been deemed classified.
NOTE: Due to the Federation Freedom of Information Act of 2322, partial information concerning the circumstances behind Darok's arrest and release has been made available. At the time of his arrest, it was believed that Darok had been involved in the theft of a Federation runabout after his father had stolen the vessel and dissapeared with it. 8 years later, Darok was released when a voluntary Mind Meld revealed proof that he was not involved in the incident. Further information concerning this event has been deemed classified.

At age 28, Darok set out for Earth. He lived in Earth's England for 16 years. Most of his time on Earth was spent adjusting to the Terran way of life, and perfecting his Martial Arts skills. He then applied for Starfleet Academy.

After his time in the Academy, Darok joined Starfleet Intelligence. He underwent 4 more years of intense training in several specialties, and was then sent to numerous highly classified missions through out the Alpha Quadrant, including spending some time on Earth as a instructor, and mentor for some Intelligence trainees.

During an away mission on board the USS Millennium, Darok was captured and tortured. During his recovery, Darok's mental state was completely negative, and erratic. This coupled with his self imposed isolation caused him to lose the respect, and admiration of most of the crew. This would include the majority of his closest friends.

Pending a more thorough investigation into the cause of his blackouts, Dr. D'Tal was removed from Starfleet's Active Duty Roster, and allowed to resign from Starfleet to pursue a Civillian career. However, due to a clause in his original contract with Starfleet Intelligence, Darok has been recalled from inactive duty.

Just before Darok took official command of the USS Seraphina, it was discovered that he had a young daughter that he had never known about. She now remains in his custody.

After a trip 10 years into Starfleet's future, Darok realized that he was not yet ready to be in command of one of Starfleet's vessels. Not long after his return to the present timeline, Doctor D'Tal contacted Starfleet Command, and not only requested to be removed from command until further notice, but he also requested a reduction in rank to Lieutenant (Junior Grade). Due to his contract with Starfleet Intelligence, Darok has remained in the intelligence field.

At the request of his Commanding Officer and friend, Darok accepted the offer of a position as her Executive officer. He also accepted an increase in rank to Lt. Commander. He was reluctant to accept either offer, but it was for his friend that he did so.

After the crew of the Sentinel escaped the planet known as Dornia Prime, the entire crew was transferred to the USS Discovery. Doctor D'Tal's Commanding officer was promoted to Captain, and he was promoted to the rank of Commander.

During the invasion of the Federation by the Kzinti, the crew of the Discovery transferred to a derelict Excaliber Class vessel, USS Merlin, and Darok was promoted to the rank of Captain.

The USS Merlin spent two years in the Gamma Quadrant as fugitives. Upon returning to the alpha quadrant, their names were cleared due to extenuating circumstances, and they were transferred to Starbase 80.

Before the USS Merlin could reach Starbase 80, Darok D'Tal simply vanished for a deep cover mission, leaving evidence behind to suggest that he was killed in a transporter accident.

28 years later, Darok resurfaced, after completing his mission. Once debriefed, he was included in the court martial of Fleet Captain Amanda Williams. Where he was promoted, and placed in command of the USS Seraphina.
Service Record Age 46
- Graduated from the the Starfleet Officer's Academy in the top 100.
- Joined Starfleet Intelligence, and underwent 4 more years of specialized training for various things, such as Assassination, Undercover missions, Infiltration, Sabotage, and stealth intelligence gathering missions, and more.
Age 50
- Sent on numerous missions, which included, but were not limited to the aforementioned specialist skills. *CLASSIFIED*
Age 92
- Took an extended leave from Starfleet for personal reasons. (Rumors say his father was somehow involved.)
Age 96
- Returned to Starfleet as Chief Medical Officer on board the USS Millennium. (Restored after being recovered from theft) *CLASSIFIED*
Age 99
-1st Officer onboard the USS Santiago (Patrolled the Romulan Neutral Zone)
Age 100
- Promoted to Commander (under special circumstances) and given command of the USS Seraphina *CLASSIFIED By order of Starfleet Intelligence*
- Removed from Starfleet's Active Duty roster by order of Starfleet Intelligence *Reasons are CLASSIFIED*
- Accepted a Civillian Medical position onbaord the USS Archimedes.
Age 102
- Recalled from Inactive Duty, and given command of the USS Seraphina. *CLASSIFIED*
age 103
- Removed from command, and demoted to Lt(JG) at his own request.
- Assigned to the USS Sentinel as her Chief Intelligence Officer under the command of his former crew mate, Kathleen O'Shea.
- Offered the option of becoming Executive Officer onboard the USS Sentinel. Accepted the position along with a promotion to full Lt.
- Promoted to Lt. Commander
- Reassigned with the rest of the Sentinel's crew to the USS Discovery, and promoted to the rank of Commander.
- Transferred to the USS Merlin, and given the rank of Captain.
- Disappeared from the USS Merlin to conduct a deep cover mission. *CLASSIFIED*
Age 133
- Surfaced after a successful deep cover mission.
- Promoted to the rank of Fleet Captain, and placed in command of the USS Seraphina.