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Vice Admiral Arianna D'Tal

Name Arianna McKenzie D'Tal

Position Starfleet Admiral

Rank Vice Admiral

Character Information

Gender Female
Species 1/2 Vulcan, 1/4 Human, 1/4 Orion
Age 45
Spoken Languages Federation Standard, Vulcan
Permission Level Other
Clearance Code D'Tal 27 Echo
Main Character [Darok D'Tal]

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 120 lbs.
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Crystal Blue
Physical Description Long, straight dark brown hair. Crystal blue eyes. Her skin is tan with a barely noticeable green tinge. Despite her age, she bears the look of innocent youth and curiosity.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Darok D'Tal (Classified)
Mother Serenity Star McKenzie (Retired Starfleet)
Brother(s) Aidan D'Tal (Civilian)
Sister(s) None
Other Family Grandfather: Cyrus A. McKenzie (Deceased)
Step Mother: Jasmine Daisuki (Retired Starfleet)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite a turbulant childhood where Arianna's temper was out of control, Miss D'Tal has over time, managed to gain control over her emotions, and her temper.

Under normal circumstances, she is a sweet, respectful lady who is well respected. However, if she feels physically threatened, or provoked, she may very quickly become violent to protect herself. Regardless of the control she's gained over the years, if her temper is provoked too far, the results can be... unpredictable, and she will remember every detail with perfect clarity later.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Skilled in hand to hand and weapons combat, excells in research and Federation Law.

Weaknesses: Has an very explosive temper when provoked too far.
Ambitions Arianna strives to be the best at what she does in Starfleet, hoping to make her father proud.
Hobbies & Interests Martial Arts
Star-Gazing in the Forward Lounge
Thee-Dimensional Chess (on occasion)

Personal History Darok D'Tal , and Serenity Star McKenzie met 45 years ago in a night club on Earth. It was during this chance encounter that both Darok, and Serenity entered Pon Farr. After a one night stand, Darok left the next morning for his next Starfleet assignment.

9 months later, Serenity gave birth to a healthy baby girl, and named her Arianna McKenzie D'Tal, giving her Darok's last name. For the first few years of her life, Arianna was raised by her grandfather while her mother attended Starfleet Academy. Soon after Serenity's graduation from the Academy, the three of them moved to Vulcan where Arianna spent much time learning about her father, Martial Arts, and the Vulcan way.

On Arianna's 10th birthday, the three of them took a trip to Earth. Not long after thier arrival, Arianna somehow managed to steal something belonging to a Klingon in a nearby neighborhood. As a result, her home was raided by Klingons looking for her, and the artifact. Arianna hid while she watched as her grandfather was brutally murdered, and her mother was raped, and kidnapped. Arianna barely managed to escape with her own life.

After a thorough investigation, Serenity was presumed dead, and since no one could locate Arianna's father, because he was knee deep in classified missions, she was taken back to Vulcan and put into an orphanage there.

As she grew older, Arianna somehow managed to find her father, and follow his career. She also started having black outs in which she could not remember the things she did. Around her 14th birthday, she was detained in the orphanage's solitary confinement area for causing serious injury to 15 people during one of her black outs.

After she was granted her grandfather's inheritance, she managed to contact her father without anyone knowing. Once she made him aware that she was indeed his daughter, he soon contacted the Vulcan High Command to explain the situation. Within only a few days, Arianna was released into her father's custody onboard the USS Seraphina.

Only a few weeks before they transferred off the Seraphina, Arianna's father performed a mind meld on her which stopped her blackouts. As a result of this mind meld, her memories of events which triggered the blackouts, and the memories of things she did during those blackouts came back to her. Another side effect of this particular mind meld was that one of her crystal blue eyes were pitch black, representing a darker side.

Arianna lived onboard the USS Sentinel with her father until they were transferred off. Eventually, Arianna managed to single-handedly rescue her mother from the hands of Klingons, bringing her home safely. The ordeal cured most of her mental issues, and her eyes returned to their normal color.

Over the next few years, she stayed with her father as they moved from ship to ship, until she finally decided to join Starfleet. She spent 4 years in the Academy, specializing in undercover work with a minor in Starfleet law. She graduated with honors in the top 100 of her class.

Afterwards, Arianna joined Starfleet Intelligence, undergoing 4 more years of specialized training for undercover work, then spent the next 4 years working undercover. (All information on her career with Starfleet Intelligence is deemed classified)

She quickly tired of working undercover, and upon reaching the rank of Captain, decided to persue a career as a JAG officer. She went back to school for 4 more years to study Starfleet law, and quickly excelled at it. She graduated with honors in the top 100 of her class.

Arianna spent the next 11 years traveling around the Alpha Quadrant and presiding over countless JAG hearings. When she heard that some members of Starfleet had made their way to the Delta Quadrant, and that a JAG presence was needed there, she immediately requested a transfer. Her transfer request was granted, and she was sent to Starbase Frontier as the new Fleet Judge Advocate General.

(Bio updates will come when IC story moves her forward)
Service Record 18 - Starfleet Academy
22 - Intelligence Specialty training (Classified)
26 - Undercover work for Starfleet Intelligence (Classified)
30 - Returned to school to study Starfleet Law
34 - Appointed to JAG, spending her time on many cases
45 - Requested transfer to Epsilon Force, and sent to Starbase Frontier as Fleet Judge Advocate General. Given the rank of Commodore.