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Lieutenant Suvor Grimm

Name Suvor Grimm Mr.

Position Second Officer

Second Position Chief Security/Tactial Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 26
Spoken Languages Vulcan, Federation Standard, Romulan fluently Betazoid passably, Klingon, Feringi marginally
Permission Level Command Team
Clearance Code grimm delta 62

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 180
Hair Color Medium Auburn
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description He has the typical upturned eyebrows and pointied ears of all Vulcans. His hair hangs down to just below his collar and is wavy. He curently has a moustache and goatee.


Spouse N/A
Children None
Father Natural Kerith, Adopted Ben Grimm, both deceased
Mother Natural M'Ara, Adopted Sarah, both deceased
Brother(s) No natural siblings.
Adopted Seth, Asa, Josiah all deceased
Sister(s) Amy age 28, currently single and living on Earth
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Suvor parents were mudered when he was seven, he was adopted by the Grimm family and raised on earth in the city of London.

For all intents and purposes he was raised a human. He read a good deal of Vulcan philsophy and spent time around Vulcan professors, but he still struggles to control his emotions.

He can be quick tempered at times and there is a sense of vengence driving him. He wants to find out who killed his parents and why and bring them to justice, preferably at his own hand. Both his curiosity about space and the desire to see his parents avenged drove him to apply for Star Fleet Academy.

While some, especially Vulcans would consider his penchant towards emotionalism to be a weakness, it is in many ways a strentgh.

His adopted parents, brothers and his sister's boss Matt Riker were killed in a recent terrosit bomb in north London. There are currently five theories for the London bombing. 1. There is a direct connection between the deaths of Kerith and M'Ara 19 years ago. 2. Suvor was the intended target and everyone else was colletral damage. 3. Captain Grimm was the intended target. 4. Matt Riker was the intended target, because he was the CEO of Trans-Galaxy Communications and was reportedly working on a new Communication breakthrouh. Theories 4 and 5 seem most consistent with the facts but no one knows for sure. Star Fleet feels that he is too close to this investigation so they have sent him to the Seraphina.

Technically he is just listed as a Security Specilaist, no other distinction Beause of his unique abilities and skills he can at the discretion of the Ship's Captain act in either a Security or Intelligence capacity and despite his Lt. (JG)rank he has top secret clearence and should have access to all but the most highly classified documents
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths He thinks fast on his feet generally trying to talk his way out of as siutation whenever possible. He has a sixth sense about when somebody is lying to himand uses their body language and demeanor to "read" them and predict their behavior.
He scored near the top of his class in his core coursesin foresnsics and investigative techniques and excelled at simulation contests that involved deductive reasoning.
He is a black belt in Akidio and is studying Judo

Weaknesses: The recent death of his family has shaken him significantly more than he is letting on to anyone.

He can be a practical joker at times.

His struggle to balance his Vulcan biology with his human upbringing is even greater with the death of his parents, it is almost impossible for him to mask his emotions with logic. This captrues not only the best, but the worst of both cultures.
He can have anger issues especially if family or friends are involved that cause him to react first and think second.
Ambitions He would like to some day establish an intelligence organization independent of Star Fleet hierarchy answering directly to the highest levels of Star Fleet with the ability to investigate any threat foreign or domestic, inside or outside of Star Fleet.

An organization patterened after the ancient 20th and 21st century espionage agencies.

The death of his family, as tragic as it is, has proven to be the first step in this.
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys reading myster novels from across the galaxy, chess Eighteenth Century English Literature, He owns two original Charles Dickens's works: Bleak house and A Tale Of Two Cities. He would like to collect more. He also enjoys holodeck reenactments where he is put into a situation where he has to read a person to determine their actions. He finds it strengthens his abilities when put into real life situatons.

Personal History Please Note:
His father Kerith was an astro=physicist, his mother a xeno-biologist and both taught for several years at the Vulcan Science Academy. Yet both had a desire to explore new lives and new civilizations, so when Suvor was five they joined Star Fleet and along with Suvor were assigned to the USS Valkrye. Two years later when his parents were on shore leave at Star Base 83 they were both killed.

At first it appeared that there was a muder/suicide but that was quickly ruled out. There were four merchant ships(two Ferangi, one Klingon, and one of unknown origin) in orbit along with the Valkrye, two other Federation ships and a Bajroian science vessel.

The murderer and their motive were never discovered, though it was rumored at the time that his father was working on a secret project that may or may not have had the approval of Star Fleet and there were rumors that his mother had been a Romulan spy. Suvor's closest realtive, his father's brother felt that Keriath's death brought dishonor to the family and would not take Suvor in.

Captain Ben Grimm, his father's commander, felt sympathy for him and adopted him and sent him to live with his family that was stationed on Earth in London.

Suvor was welcomed by Ben's wife Sarah and his adopted brothers; Seth, Asa, and Josiah and their sister Amy. They treated him as though he was their actual blood brother as did the entire extended family. He treated them like they were his blood realtives as well and he picked up a British accent to boot.

For all intents and purposes Suvor grew up Human. He has read a great deal of Vulcan philsophy and spent time around his Vulcan professors at the Academy, but as has been previously noted he continues to struggle to balance the two cultures.

Despite Ben Grimm's determination to protect him he could not stay earth bound. Both his curiosity about the stars and his desire to see his parent's death avenged drove him to apply to Star Fleet Academy.
Service Record Graduated Star Fleet Academy with a major in criminal investigations. His core courses were Forensics, Criminal Investigation and Criminal Profiling.

He also had a double minor in Comapative Cultures and Toxicology/Xeno-toxilogy.

Assigned to Deep Space 6 after graduation from Star Fleet Academy until the death of his family one month ago.