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Civilian (Clearance) Amanda Williams

Name Amanda Dana Williams M.D.

Position Other

Rank Civilian (Clearance)

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 33
Spoken Languages Federation Standard
Permission Level Civilian
Clearance Code Williams Gamma 33
Main Character [Darok D'Tal]

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 130
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Amanda doesn't look like your average doctor. She is very petite and has a innocent look about her. One notable feature is a small semi-circular scar under her right eye descending from the bridge of her nose.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Daniel Williams - Status: Cargo Ship Captain
Mother Jennifer Delatino - Status Deceased
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Amanda is the kind of person who loves to think. Although somewhat reserved in nature, she is generally friendly, but shy around someone she likes. She is extremely picky about who she dates, or sleeps with, and can be very strict at times.

Although Amanda has a temper, it is very difficult to bring out without pushing the right buttons.

Her high IQ makes it easy to think things through quickly. As a result, some answers come more easily to her than they would to others.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Amanda is excellent in both the medical field, and in hand to hand & weapons combat. She is known through out the quadrant as being one of Starfleet's youngest doctors. She has a high IQ, which puts her in the "Genius" range

Weakness: Amanda has always put herself into her studies. She sometimes gets irritated when other doctors seem like they know it all... especially if she knows more than they do. Her bedside manner needs a bit of work as well.
Ambitions Amanda doesn't really have many ambitions. The ones she does have more or less involve becoming better in the medical field.
Hobbies & Interests Martial Arts training
Target practice in the Holodeck
Star-Gazing in the Forward Area
Cards (Poker, Black jack, etc.)
Studying Medicine

Personal History Daniel Williams was on a Cargo run. He met a Human Female who had been a passenger on his ship at the time. They quickly fell in love, and became intimate with each other. They had been separated soon after for 6 months due to her career as a Starfleet Officer. They ran into each other again on Earth, and James discovered that Jennifer Delatino was pregnant with his child. They married one month after that, and two months later, Jennifer gave birth to Amanda.

Two years after Amanda's birth, Jennifer Delatino died in the line of duty when her ship was destroyed by Romulans. Amanda spent most of her life on Earth living in Los Angeles, California. She learned of her mother from what her father told her. Fairly early on, it was noted that Amanda had a knack for learning quickly. An IQ test at the age of 10 placed her in the range of "Genius".

She was taught various Martial Arts forms, including Kung-Fu, Tai-kwan-do, Tai-Chi, Hop-Kido, and various other forms. For a long time, her dreams were to make something of herself, and make her father proud by following in her mother's foot steps.

Amanda's high IQ allowed her to practically breeze through school. Having little interest in much else, she kept her nose in her books, or her Martial Arts studies. As a result, she graduated at age 16 at the top of her class, while the consequence was a severe lack of friends.

On her 16th birthday, Amanda applied for, and was accepted by Starfleet Academy where she easily excelled in the Medical field, with a minor in Small Arms. During her time there, they also allowed her to study at thier Medical school. After 4 years in the Academy, and in Starfleet's Medical school, Amanda graduated at the top of her classes.

Amanda's Medical knowledge is astounding. She has attended, and spoken at several Medical Lectures, making her known through out the Alpha Quadrant as one of Starfleet's youngest Doctors.
Service Record Age 20
- Graduated from Starfleet Academy at the top of her class
- Medic on board the USS Cyrus. - Salvage ship for Utopia Planetia Shipyards

Age 22
- Offered a higher rank/position, but turned it down. No reason was given for this action.
- Nurse on board the USS Phantom. - One of the few ships that survived the initial Borg Invasion

Age 23
- Charge Nurse on board the USS Century.

Age 24
- Assistant Medical Officer on board the USS Midway.
- Offered the position of Chief Medical Officer on board the USS Midway, but turned it down. Ms. Williams claimed she was not ready. She put in a transfer request that same day*
- Left the USS Midway to advance her career in the Medical field, obtaining a Specialist Degree in Medicine**

Age 26
- Chief Medical Officer onboard the USS Sentinel
- Assistant Chief Medical Officer onboard the USS Sentinel***
- Left the USS Sentinel, spending her Probation period attending, and speaking at several Medical Lectures

Age 28
- Promoted to Lt.(jg) and accepted Chief Medical Officer onboard the USS Archimedes. (Probation period ended during this time)

Age 29
- Left the USS Archimedes and resumed her medical lectures.

Age 32
- Promoted to Commander and given command of the USS Seraphina under special circumstances.****

*Amanda was captured and tortured during an away mission onboard the USS Midway. Information concerning this event has been deemed classified. During her recovery, Amanda's mental state was completely negative, and erratic. This coupled with her self imposed isolation caused her to lose the respect, and admiration of most of the crew. As a result, Amanda lost almost all of her friends, with the exception of those who understood. Although her mental state has mostly returned to normal, the loss of friends, and the awkward situation presented by her encounter was a major part of her transfer request.

**During her advanced courses at Starfleet Medical, Amanda spent all of her free time concetrating on her studies. Though there were several that tried to get her attention, Amanda made learning her top priority.

***In a successful attempt to rescue her CO, and life long friend, Amanda, and another crew member violated several Starfleet laws, including, Unauthorized Transport, Assault with a deadly weapon, Resisting arrest, Destruction of Starfleet Property, and Disobeying a direct order. During the Court Martial that came afterwards, some of Amanda's charges were dropped. She was demoted back to Ensign, reassigned as the Assistant Chief Medical Officer, and put on two years of probation. Her partner did not fair so lucky, and received the full sentence.

****After leaving one of her medical lectures, Amanda went onboard the USS Endeavor, a Steamrunner class vessel for transport to Alpha Eridani, where she was to take command of the Starfleet Disaster Medical Base located there. While on route, the Endeavor received a distress call from a civilian transport ship, the Gelu Eviar, claiming that they were caught in some type of gravametric field in the vicinity of the Paulson Nebula. While enroute, they lost all contact with the transport. Upon arrival at the given coordinates, no trace of the ship was found. Sensing something was amis, the ship's Captain gave the order to immediatly resume their original course. As they were preparing to warp out of the system, they suddenly found themselves under a barrage of fire coming from within the the edge of the Nebula. The attacking ship turned out to be a Romulan Valdore class vessel. Overmatched, they still tried to fight their way out of the system, which they were eventually able to do, but not without sustaining both heavy damage and numerous casualities.

During the battle the XO was badly injured, and Amanda was summoned to the bridge. While she was tending to the officer's wounds, the Endeaver was hit by another massive barrage, which momentarily broke through the shields just aft of the Bridge. During this barrage, the Captain was rendered unconcious, and...seeing that everybody else on the bridge was either busy or incapacitated, Amanda took command in the heat of battle.

They eventually were able to break off from the Romulan warship by passing through the edge of the Nebula just long enough for their attacker to lose contact with the Endeaver, and they were able to warp out of the system. For reasons unknown, they were not followed.

Unknown to Amanda and most of the crew, Rear Admiral Hessester of Starfleet Intelligence was also on board the ship, traveling to a meeting on Alpha Eridani. Although injured, he survived the incident and was still able to make his meeting. For her bravery and her ability to lead the ship out of an otherwise unsurvivable battle, Miss Williams was promoted to Commander and given command of the USS Seraphina under the terms that she agreed to serve in Starfleet's Black Ops Intelligence division.

Starfleet Academy/Medical - Graduated at the top of her classes
USS Cyrus - Medic
USS Phantom - Nurse
USS Century - Charge Nurse
USS Midway - Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Higher Education - Obtained Medical Specialist's Degree within two years
USS Sentinel - Chief Medical Officer
USS Sentinel - Demotion to Ensign and to Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Medical - Attended, and spoke at several Medical Lectures
USS Archimedes - Chief Medical Officer
Medical - Attended, and spoke at several Medical Lectures
USS Seraphina - Commanding Officer