Any time the rules are updated, a notification will be given via a news post. It is your job to review these rules any time they are updated. Failure to read, and follow these rules could result in a strike against you.

1. All players *must* be over the age of 18. There will be no exceptions!

2. Please be respectful of all players in the simm. Disrespect will not be tolerated.

3. No "God mod" or "Super Hero Sydrome" play style. These things are frowned upon, and may get a strike against you, or removal for more serious, or repeated offenses.

4. Do not injure or kill other players characters or PNPCs without their explicit permission.

5. If you have an NPC you would like linked to your account, please let a member of the Command team know and we will link it for you.

6. Each player can have only 1 (one) active character. All other characters are NPCs, or PNPCs, and can be linked to your Nova account.

7. Some positions held by NPCs are considered open positions and can be filled by any applicant for that position. If you would like to have your NPC permanently in their position, apply for them to become a PNPC by sending the Command Team a PM, and specify that you would like them permanently in their applied position.

8. Some positions cannot be permanent for PNPCs, such as Command positions, (CO, XO, 2XO), Department heads, and Assistant Department heads. NPCs and PNPCs can be placed in these positions as long as they are vacant. This leaves them open for potential applicants to take if they so desire.

9. Unique races are allowed, but must be approved and are accepted at the sole discretion of the Command Team. Submission of a unique race does not promise approval of that race.

10. Any characters that have special abilities must have weaknesses associated with those abilities to balance them out, and *must* be approved by the Command team.

11. Recruiting of others for the simm is allowed, but spamming is not approved. If you are found to be spamming others to recruit, there will be consequences.

12. Advertisements for other simms or websites or products will not be tolerated (Some exceptions may apply but only under the explicit authorization of the CO)

13. If you have a mission idea, please submit your ideas to the Command team for review and approval! We consider all mission ideas!

14. Conflicts between two or more players which cannot be reasonably solved between them should immediately be reported to a member of the Command team for mediation or rule enforcement. Mediation will consist of at least one member of the Command staff and all players involved in the conflict. If for some reason the conflict cannot reasonably be solved in such a manner, an investigation will be launched and at least one or more players may be removed from the simm if the situation calls for it.

15. When posting, all mission posts (This does not include personal logs) should be written in past tense (example: Amanda went for her side arm as she dove behind the bulkhead for cover. She hadn't realized anyone was going to shoot at her.) Present tense writing is no longer allowed in mission posts due to lack of consistency.

16. Even though this is a mature simm (18+), mature content of any kind is prohibited to be posted in the news area of the site as this area is viewable by anyone who visits the site. Each violation of this rule is an automatic strike, and violating news posts will be edited or removed without notice or question!

17. Due to the age rating of the sim, if you write a post that ends up containing material not suited for players under the age of 18, you are now required to add "(18+)" (without quotes) to the end of the posts's title. This will prevent these posts from being viewed, unless you're logged into the site. Offending posts that do not follow this rule will have their titled edited upon discovery.

18. Unless you are on LOA (Leave of Absence), or ELOA (Extended Leave of Absence) you are required to post, and/or record a log entry once a fortnight (once every 2 weeks), and please login at least once every 14 days unless otherwise approved by your CO. This keeps the simm active as posts continue to come in this way.

19. A LOA or ELOA can only last so long. A LOA that lasts more than 14 days will be subject to the Strike system, and ultimately removal. An ELOA that lasts for more than 30 days will be subject to the Strike system, and ultimately removal. This rule is added as a drastic measure to keep activity levels at a reasonable rate. Any exceptions to this rule are at the sole discretion of the Commanding Officer, and must have a very good reason.

20. If any player is given an exception to rule 17, that exception will last no more than 90 days. Should they require more time than this, they will need to be removed in order to enforce the activity levels. If this is the case, that player will be notified via email at their registered email address, and will be allowed to return once they can become active. (There will be no strikes issued in this case)

21. All LOA/ELOA changes should be made by clicking the side menu link "Request LOA" located under the "User" menu. I understand that this is not always possible, so those that are unable to do so, must contact the Commanding Officer, or another member of the Command team to let them know that you are going LOA/ELOA to avoid activity violations. When requesting a LOA/ELOA, please make sure you include the duration, and reason for the request.

22. Unannounced LOA/ELOA will be seen as a violation. Players who are found to be inactive for more than 1 month, without any notification will be immediately removed. Only the Commanding Officer is exempt from this rule.

23. If a player is removed due to a LOA/ELOA violation (See rules 18-22), they are not allowed to return for a period of no less than 90 days from the date of removal.

24. An image is required for all character biographies, including NPCs. Please make sure to add one to your character bios. If you are unable to find an image, please let the Command team know, and they will find a suitable one for you.

25. All mission posts are required to include the current Mission day, and time in the timeline field of every mission post. (Not needed for Logs) This helps to ensure that posts are made for the proper day, instead of jumping back and forth. Backposts are fine, but don't post anything for any day ahead of the current mission day, and please include (Back post) in the mission title of back posts. Only a member of the Command team may change the mission day.

26. Any player who submits 2 (two) applications to the USS Seraphina simm, and has both applications rejected, is required to wait a period of no less than 90 (Ninety) days from the date the second application was rejected before any further applications will even be reviewed. Any rare exceptions to this rule *must* be authorized by the Commanding Officer of the simm. There are no exceptions.

27. All players are required to add a signature to all of your mission posts for all characters involved. The signatures help to know who is involved at a glance. This is especially important if we are involved in cross posting, or joint missions as not all the characters involved are part of the roster. (Signatures are not required for personal logs.)

28. Before submitting mission posts, or personal logs, please use the spell check feature of your browser. Spell checking makes for a better reading experience by others, as well as making the post cleaner.

29. Before submitting mission posts, or personal logs, please remember to remove any OOC notes, unless it is important for the reader to have the information in the notes. Some OOC tags can have storyline spoilers which should be hidden until those spoilers are revealed via another post. Removing these tags also makes the post look cleaner, and makes for a better reading experience by others.

For more information on how strikes are handled, please see the Seraphina Strike System Wiki.

Regulations for contesting, or suggesting rules

To contest any of the above rules, or to suggest new, or updated rules, please contact the Commanding Officer directly via private message. The rules of the sim can be updated at any time for any reason by the Commanding Officer. Please be aware that contesting, or suggesting rules to the Commanding Officer does not guarantee that your desired changes will be made.